War Witch by Black Starline

Boutique cigars come and go but very few come in the industry with blockbuster blends straight out the gate. Well, @blackstarlinecigars is amongst one of the few. Their most known presentation is the #Warwitch. Black Starline partnered with @aganorsaleaf tobacco to make this attractive Nicaraguan puro cigar. At first glance, you would think it’s a light, mild cigar but it is backed with Nicaraguan filler from Jalapa & Esteli, and a binder from Criollo all wrapped in a Connecticut shade. 

Initial Light and first 3rd 

– This is not a typical Connecticut shade and that’s evident right from the beginning. It comes in with pepper which is normal with Nicaraguan cigars. But shortly after the pepper punch is a nice hit of citrus essential oils, a little cider, and smooth creaminess. The War Witch has a very well-balanced start. There’s more flavor than I expected on this Connecticut shade.

Bars and Cigars - Cigar Review - War Witch

Second 3rd 

– Before getting to the midway point, I noticed a slight flavor change. The cedar is here but I start to pick out almond nuttiness mixed in with it. This just adds to the balance and creamy flavor. I’m getting great ventilation out of the cigar and it has a great aroma. Before finishing this third, things soften even more. The cedar dulls out and pepper is only really noticeable in the retro. This is a comfortable smoke. The burn is almost perfect and oils are giving it a buttery mouthfeel. 

Bars and Cigars - Cigar Review - War Witch
Great with a morning/afternoon coffee

Final 3rd 

– Since the back end of the second portion was such a good profile, I’m glad the cigar pretty much stayed there. Some cigars crank things up nearing the end but you keep a very smooth, creamy, and balanced smoke here. A retro of white pepper gives you a full 360 of flavor. Compliment this profile with a wheated whiskey or better yet a medium or dark roasted coffee that has nutty or fruit notes.
PARTNERING WITH @blackownedsmoke for this review and many future black-owned cigar reviews. Stay tuned.

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