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Hello Friends

I’m Felix Jean and the creator of Bars & Cigars. More of a fanatic than an aficionado, I love all things involved in the cigar and spirit lifestyle. What started as enjoying an occasional cigar during celebrations of birthdays and promotions is now an in-depth exploration of various flavors, regions, cultures and legacies. It didn’t take long for me to be neck deep in researching and learning all I could about cigars; from how the tobacco leaves are grown and harvested to the flavor characteristics of each of the primary origin countries. Soon after, the same could be said with spirits.

I started Bars & Cigars for two primary reasons. The first, is to share my amazing exploration of the cigar and spirit world you all. The second is to engage with others who are also just as fond of the cigar lifestyle as I am.

I fell in love with this culture because of how it brought people, of all types, together. Sitting down with a great cigar and your favorite beverage creates an environment where everyone is the same. There’s not many tangible things here on earth with such power

I have turned a pastime into a passion and now continue growing on that.

Welcome to Bars and Cigars.

Bars and Cigars - Creator - Felix