Uncle Val’s Gin – Botanical

When it comes to partnering a cigar with a spirit, what comes to most people’s mind is the typical scotch, rum, or bourbon drink. It’s close to never that you’ll see a cigar paired with a clear or light spirit. This is a grave mistake…… at least when it comes to gin. A quality gin has just as much complexity and layered flavors as some of your most popular cigars. Similar to cigars, gin is built by master blenders that have painstakingly combined various profiles in order to construct a complete and distinct product. The beauty of gin is that it can be light, refreshing, or it can be smokey and aromatic.

Today, I want to highlight one of my most favorite Gins, @UncleVals. Usually when I mention gin, folks cringe and a picture of the “bumpy face” or “forest pinecone Green” bottles come to mind. Comparing these lower shelf gins to Uncle Val’s would be like comparing your 1997 Ford Probe to a 2018 Bentley Flying Spur. The spirit is one of pure simplicity and yet delightful intricacy due to its crisp, clean delivery of various spices, florals, and citrus notes.

Uncle Val's Gin 1

Also because of this neat profile, it opens itself to being crafted into a multitude of cocktails and mixes that would be the perfect match for any cigar. My favorites are either a gin old fashion or smoked Negroni. But don’t let my suggestions limit you. Uncle Val’s actually has 3 offerings in their gin lineup; the Botanical, Peppered, and Restoration. So there’s no limit to the many cocktails that can be crafted to give you a signature experience.

Of course, all of this depends on your mood and your preference of cigars. I love exploring different profiles, characteristics, and flavors with cigars and the same is true when it comes to spirits. Uncle Val’s gin is one that can satisfy and refresh any palette and smoking experience.

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