Stolen Throne Crook of the Crown

Let’s all think back to the good old times of 2019. The air was clean, you only wore masks on Halloween, and wearing the same t-shirt 5 days in a row was frowned upon. It also gave us an absolutely brand new cigar company; @stolenthronecigars . For their initial cigar introduction, they have released the #CrookoftheCrown. The company leaned on the talented Noel Rojas, master blender, to construct something phenomenal for their first release. The Crook of the Crown is a San Andreas outer wrapper surrounding an Indonesian binder and a mix of Indonesian and Nicaraguan fillers.   

Initial Light and First 3rd 

I’m loving the simplicity on the band. The red framed band with the crow and crown in the center of it makes me recall stories by Edgar Allan Poe. The Crook has a glorious glossy leather, bumpy, outer leaf that wraps around the cigar’s footing. You’re still able to get a lush cedar and cocoa nib scent prior to lighting. Upfront once the cigar is lit you have a load of cedar and cinnamon. It’s followed by a pinch of white pepper and light grassiness. On the draw, the smoke has a little sweetness to it and get’s even sweeter at the end of the 1st third. This sweetness is similar to the cocoa nib in the scent but with added almond and raisin in the flavor. I can also feel the pepper deepening going into the next third. Very flavorful.


Second 3rd 

The second portion sweetens more like the smoke with notes of espresso. There’s more leather happening now on the palate than before. This brings increased earth and black pepper. One more note to make is that there’s dark chocolate dryness on the finish that gives it a full mouthfeel. The sweet notes die down but the smoke is still very creamy and velvet-like.

Final 3rd 

The dark chocolate, earth, and espresso are the predominant flavors. The earth has mineral and salt notes intertwined in it. I’m enjoying the black pepper on the back end. The retro has even more pepper (red) and leather if you need more oomph to your smoking experience. The burn and ventilation have been superb. It’s such a complex, medium to full cigar. Excellent execution from Stolen Throne!  

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