Room 101 11th Anniversary

Anniversary cigars are always something special. It’s usually when the manufacturer is celebrating or commemorating a particular period, blender, or time in the brand’s history. The 11th Anniversary is a limited cigar that is a personal celebration for Matt Booth, owner of @room101cigars . After trudging through the cigar industry’s trenches with #Camacho#Davidoff, and Caldwell, he is releasing this Nicaraguan puro to salute his staying power and success in the cigar world.

Initial Light and first 3rd

The cigar’s torpedo shape has such a vintage, distinguished look to it.  Its appearance is quite appetizing, with the Snickers colored wrapper leaf displaying every vein and the deliberate seam. The large black and gold bands support this look of upper crust. Nosing the cigar, the prelight scent is of new leather and just a little cedar. Not clipping too much from the head of the torpedo, the ventilation was substantial. As far as flavors, the 11th starts with very dark pepper, bitter cocoa nibs, rich earth, and woody notes

Living life like its Golden

Second 3rd

Having a consistent burn, we are steadily making our way through to this second portion. The flavor profile sweetens by transitioning the bitter cocoa nibs to more of a bittersweet chocolate chip. However, cedar and oak are more pronounced. Right before the halfway mark, I pick up some allspice and other warm baking spices. Just an FYI…I started this smoke with whiskey but switched to Haitian Rum (Barbancourt 15 yr) which helped bring these additional notes. The body on the cigar is fuller than expected -great mouthfeel and texture. The strength is FULL throughout. 

Final 3rd

Despite its heaviness, the cigar smokes very comfortably. The smoke is like smooth leather in texture, great volumes, and layered with flavor. Speaking of taste, the sweetness subsides, giving way to more of that spice and pepper. The earthy note also heightens in the last portion. The last change that I noticed is the ventilation tightens up as we approach the tapered end, as expected. Overall, the 11th Anniversary is a great full-body attention grabber. I like the pairing change that I made. The rum pulls out the small sweet notes and spice

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