The @luxrowdistillers team recently released a list of handpicked private barrel offerings starting off with the #Ezra Brooks Single Barrel and now most recently The Rebel Wheated Bourbon. Now you may be familiar with Lux Row’s other resident rebel…..The Rebel Yell, but that one is only 100 proof. This one is has been turned up a bit to 113 proof, is from their extraordinary barrel inventory, and uses Lux’s original wheated recipe from 1849. I have the private select from @sigmanbottle with a barrel filled date of 11/21/15.

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If you nose it immediately after pouring, you may be overwhelmed by the hit of ethanol. While it is a thump to the nostrils, I can still pick up a few faint scents of candied dark cherries, brown sugar, and hot cinnamon candy…you know the big ones in the red wrapper your grandma had at the bottom of her purse. Since there was so much heat, I let it sit in the glass for about 20 – 30 minutes while I finish work emails. Now that that’s out of the way, nosing it again I can clearly pick up the sweet vanilla, baking spices, and char. It’s a warming spirit that is great for these colder months.


On the initial sip from rest, I can sum this up in three words…sweet, oak, heat. You first get a very smooth, vanilla & caramel sweetness. However, that doesn’t last too long before the woody oak sits down in the middle of your tongue. Lastly near the back of the palate begins a deep warming, spicy finish. The finish lasts a nice while but it does transition to a slight cherry cough syrupy taste before dissipating. This is a great medium-aged bourbon that sips like older ones.


This is my first taste from Lux Row so I can’t compare The Rebel Distillers Collection with their other labels but I can say that this is a very good whiskey in comparison to many 4 or 5 year whiskies. It has great legs that cling to the side of the glass…displaying its oily, buttery mouthfeel. If the heat isn’t your thing, let it rest but then add in a splash of water a single ice cube.

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Amazing Color when the light hits it just right
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