Plantation 5 Year

Rums are exported from all over the Caribbean. Plantation, out of Barbados, has been around for over 30 years. They are also one of the more creative rum producers by leaning heavily on the company’s experience in the spirit industry with its Cognac and Gin ventures. The Plantation 5 year, in particular, has a very unique make up. The rum is aged in American oak bourbon cask for 3-4 years and then finished in ex-cognac French oak cask for an additional 1-2 years. With this sort of history, I’m looking forward to seeing how this stacks up.


It’s expected for rum to deliver on the sweetness, but each one has a distinct depth of sweetness…along with other flavor notes such as fruit and spices. Plantation 5-year Barbados Rum is one that, due to being aged, has a vivacious scent of vanilla, molasses, butterscotch. With these incredibly rich flavors, you also get quite a bit of fruit. The coconut and banana scents brighten up the nose and blends well with the butterscotch and vanilla. Lastly, on the very end of scent of sweet char…. think torched sugar or sweet wood chips.

Plantation 5 Yr Rum


Upfront, you are not greeted by loads of sweetness…. but instead you are welcomed by a blend of baking spices that sit atop of the vanilla and butterscotch. This gives the rum some density and body that even more expensive rums fall short of. While the Plantation 5 year may not be the most complex rum, its flavor, scent, and feel on the palate is one that is top of the class for rums at this price point. In addition to the notes that were present on nose, you get the addition of orange or citrus zest on the mouth…nice kick to the finish which lasts for a few seconds or so. -As I explore spirits and develop my palate, I have made it a point to dive deeper into Rum more; as the spirit was the initial pairing for cigar and tobacco smokers. I think we all can recall becoming familiar with rum in our college days but aged rums like Plantation are a far cry from the clear spirit with the batman logo that we all mixed with whatever soda was nearby at the frat party. Plantation 5 year is a great rum that can make a fantastic Old Fashioned or can be enjoyed straight.

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