Patina Habano Cigar Review

I would constantly see this cigar on @g_fizle timeline with him raving about the flavor and how good of a cigar it is. I had never heard of the brand but knew if he said it, it had to be outstanding. Today, we finally got our hands on the @patinacigars Habano cigar. Patina comes from the same factory as another boutique brand, Mombacho, in Grenada Nicaragua. This Patina is made of Nicaraguan and Pennsylvania filler, Nicaraguan binder, and an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.

Initial Light and First 3rd

The name is fitting of the cigar’s branding and band styling. Glancing over the Patina, you have a rustic looking cigar with an aged copper embroidered band with white and emerald backing. The medium brown wrapper with visible seams and rigid construction wasn’t telling of the impressive amount of flavor in the cigar. You get flavors of spice and pepper, mild nuttiness, and a pinch of cedar. I went with the punch, so the draw wasn’t as open. I think that’s why it took me some time to pick up the flavors. Overall, it was full-flavored but delivered in a nice smooth package.

Patina Cigar

Second 3rd

Now that we are well into the cigar, it has a fantastic pull and ventilation since it has opened up. The burn is even all around and hasn’t required relighting. Here there is a full bellow of smoke that comes with a sweeter note of pistachio and cashew nut. The pepper dies down but gives a nice contrast to the sweetness I’m now picking up. If the sweeter notes aren’t your thing, just retrohale, and you will have a fiery warm pepper on the nostril and back of the mouth. Finishing off this portion, I’m getting unique charred hickory, sweet smoke.

Final 3rd

The cigar comes to a delicate, comfortable balance. It brings back the woody cedar and hickory. There’s not as much sweetness, but a noticeable earthy note comes in. Lastly, I also noticed that the pepper continues to relax…remaining on the finish of the exhale. So in all, the Patina gives loads of flavor. We’re talking nuttiness, sweetness, wood, and pepper. I enjoyed this cigar during a tasting showcase of whiskeys, rum, ryes, and Cuban coffee…all fantastic.

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