Jim Beam Double Oak

@jimbeamdistillery is synonymous with whiskey here in America as Ford is to cars. However, with the resurgence of whiskey and a crowded market, brands are rolling out some amazing new iterations of their spirits. Alongside a maturing and educated audience, Beam also had to mature. With that, they give you their Double Oak. First aged in American white oak for 4 years, and then again in previously charred barrels to build on its robustness and pack on the flavor.


Not apparent upfront, the aroma takes some time to distinguish itself. After letting it rest for some time outside of the bottle, the richness that comes with double aging shines. It translates to cavity-giving caramel sweetness, vanilla, cinnamon, and sharp, bright apple similar to a hard apple cider.

JimBeam Double Oak


 Dropping in a single ice cube before taking my first sip, I want to make sure it opens up even more and releases its notes. And whew, I’m glad I did. The caramel note is delivered on the tongue but without the heavy sweetness that was present on the nose. Instead, you have whispers of the vanilla combined this time with hints of toffee and a hell of a punch of spice. There is one more layer introduced. It’s warm orangey citrus that has a long finish with the spice.


 This is quite easily Jim Beam’s best as far as flavor and complexity go. The standard white label is typically not mentioned in the ranks of Woodford, Mitchter, or Basil Hayden. While I’m not saying that this is in any way better than those brands, it is Jim Beam’s attempt to step into the octagon with them.

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