HVC Hot Cake Cigar

Rome may not have been built in a day but ask Reiner Lorenzo what can be done in just 9 years. In 2011, he introduced @hvccigars to the cigar world and he has been on top ever since with every new cigar release. His latest, the Hot Cake, is the English translation of an earlier cigar called the “Pan Caliente” but is a totally new blend of tobaccos so they are far from the same. The Hot Cake is made up of a San Andres wrapper and Nicaraguan (Jalapa and Esteli) binder and filler. All tobaccos are from the famous Aganorsa farms.


Initial Light and First 3rd 

The first thing you notice are the words ‘HOT CAKE’ in a solid red dot centered on its gold embroidered band. But upon closer examination, the deep texture of the hickory colored outer leaf is even more interesting. The corona gordo vitola took no time to light and had a good dry pull. The first two inches are full of rich spices, including a lot of nutmeg, green pepper, paprika, cinnamon, and fresh wood. Before moving into the 2nd third, the cigar mellows down with notes of burnt sugar and sweet tobacco. Quite a good start for the new release.

Second 3rd

 I go to ash off and noticed how white and clean the ash is. This is a sign of the mineral-rich soil that the tobacco was grown in. I had to correct my burn slightly but never had to relight. The flavors are noticeably smoother…light even. There’s some nuttiness, cream, and cortado coffee notes now. The wood is still quite present, with hints of green pepper and forest vegetation. The retro is a highlight….with mineral, earthiness, and a cayenne spice that spikes your nostrils awake.


Final 3rd 

This last portion is quite pleasant. The warm spice notes and cortado coffee settle in for the rest of the smoke. I noticed a little clove spice along with now a damp wood and leather in the last inch and a half. I had the Hot Cake with a rum old fashioned and the sweetness pairs well with such a spice heavy cigar. Great contrast. The strength seems medium to me but the body is medium to full. 

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