Fratello Navetta Inverso

Some would say making cigars isn’t rocket science, but an actual rocket scientist would beg to differ. Omar de Frias, who worked at NASA for 12 years, is now using that beautiful mind to give us some outstanding cigar blends at @fratellocigars. Initially released as the Navetta in 2017 with a different blend makeup, the Inverso rearranges that blend to provide us with an entirely new cigar.

Initial Light and first 3rd:

– The Fratellos are pretty distinctive due to their unusual band styling. Instead of the standard horizontal bands, they prefer a dual diagonal design. The high contrast black and white band stripes over a matte chestnut brown outer leaf stand out. Speaking of the outer leaf, it looks textured but is actually very velvety in touch. Going with a shallow straight cut, the pull takes some effort but provides suitable ventilation. It was just enough pull to quickly deliver upfront flavors of earth, drying tannins, ganache, and espresso. It’s a steady introduction to the cigar that lets you know it’s there and sets a strong tone.⠀

Bars and Cigars - Cigar Review - Navetta Inverso

Second 3rd

-Things take a sweeter turn going into this portion. The ganache, once dry and gritty, is now more fudge and rich sweetness. I begin to get a mixture of nuttiness and orange citrus at the middle point of the cigar. The retrohale is lighter and herbal in flavor. There’s a good amount of complexity so far in the cigar that’ll keep your interest. There were a few moments where I had to relight 2 or 3 times. You’ll have to take frequent pulls on this one.

Final 3rd

– This last portion, after another relight, brings in flavors of woodiness and salty earth. These more dank flavors continue with a touch of pepper as I finish up the last inch and a half. With its sweet start and now darker notes, it pairs well with a dark beer or with a decadent coffee, rich red wine, or dark beer (see below). It’s more than a flavorful cigar but the profile is one that is specific to an individual.


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