@equianorum is brought to us by two award-winning rum Distillers in the spirit industry. Partnering Master Distillers from @foursquare_rum_distillery, a premium rums available, and Gray’s Distillery, a boutique producer, you are gifted with a bouquet of distinguishing notes and flavors. Both have been aged for 8 years with one having been aged in ex-cognac casks and another rum that has been aged in previously used bourbon barrels. If that doesn’t sound mouthwatering, you may be dead. Named after an ex-slave who freed himself, Olaudah EQUIANO, I expect a rum that is bold, full of strength, and represents a passion for life.

On the nose

– I’ve learned through attending various tastings and several at-home reviews that spirits often need time to open up. When pouring the rum, I noticed that it has quite a bit of ethanol coming from it. After 10 minutes or so I noticed bright vanilla extract, butterscotch, bright citrus orange, and sweet tobacco. As I waved the glass closer to my nostrils with my mouth agape, I can’t help but think of warm banana fosters being poured over Breyers vanilla ice cream. It’s a warm rich but creamy aroma.

Bars and Cigars - Spirit Review - Equiano Rum

On the Palate

– the flavors are not too much of a contrast to the aroma. There’s a ton of spice but it’s not as creamy as the scent suggests. It’s a pantry of cooking spices….from cinnamon to nutmeg. 3 drops of cold water and the heat dies down a bit to give you sweeter notes. Along with the vanilla and cooked bananas, I also taste rich thick honey.


– This rum is bold but elegant with its warm fiery start and lasting finish. I would say it’s a great sipping rum but it could also make a fantastic cocktail. Pairs perfectly with a mild to medium cigar.


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