EPIC Maduro

From smoker to owner. We’ve all thought about how great it would be but Dean Parsons actually did it. Real Estate was his primary gig but cigars were his passion. Dean partnered with the Fairmon factory in D.R. to release the @epiccigars line with its Corojo and Maduro flagship cigars. The Maduro here has a complex makeup with its Dominican and Nicaraguan filler, a Cameroon binder, and Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper. That is truly an #EPIC combination.

Initial Light and First 3rd

-The very natural, dark, and textured Maduro wrapper leaf has a bold appearance. Every vein, seam, and bulge is visible. It has a fine gritty feel to it but seems silky and warm. Starting, the cigar pulls no punches and hits you with a left hook of strong bitterness, earth, and leather. However, I noticed just around the inch mark, the aroma and flavor get in sync. The smell sweetens, and the flavors mellow to a warm black coffee, sweet almond, and woodiness. Closing out this portion, things heat up with a blend of red and black pepper.

Second 3rd

-Large plumes of smoke are given via wide-open ventilation. The notes still carry that heavy woodiness and earth but are more oily and buttery now. The smoke definitely has weight to it. I like the little sweetness present in the inhale. It’s like heavy cream and espresso together. It has a surprisingly gentle retrohale. White pepper and cayenne. Best of both worlds.

Final 3rd

-This is a shock to me based on the second third, but this portion seems to be beefy….like steak….along with having more black pepper, which is quite noticeable. It’s good but gives the entire smoking experience more depth. This flavor profile on top of the cigar’s full-body really will be a favorite for experienced smokers. I paired this with a completely contrasting aged sweet rum, Zucapa 23.

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