Diplomatic Rum w/ Mombacho Diplomatic Cigar

We all have our favorite pairing. It may be a light Connecticut with a cup of coffee or a dark Maduro with an aged whiskey. Last year, @mombachocigars partnered with the @diplomaticorum to create a tailored pairing for cigar smokers and rum runners alike. We had to get our hands on this dynamic duo and see what the two brands have pulled off. This will be our first dual review, so we’ll stick to the details.

Initial Light and first 3rd

Firmly constructed cigar with a chocolate Ecuadorian wrapper. Inside, you have a Jalapa binder and a blend of Nicaraguan fillers from various regions. The flavor notes are dark chocolate, cocoa nibs, and heavily charred oak.

Second 3rd

Sweeter flavors come about that resemble your morning cup of joe…espresso, a little sugar, and a spot of cream. More flavors are noticeable at the midpoint of the cigar. Rye bread, earth, and a pinch of red and black pepper. Surprisingly, there’s decadent chocolate on the retrohale.

Final 3rd

Again, the oak char becomes present. This combines with the pepper, earth, and espresso. Relights become necessary if left alone or too long and to correct the burn.

Diplomatico Rum and Mombacho Diplomatico Cigar


On the Nose

Deep molasses or maple type sweetness with citrus essence at first take.  Once poured in a glass and allowed to ‘open’ up, the scent softens to more of a caramel. I also get warm fresh baked raisin muffin on the scent…so imagine cinnamon, sugar, flour, allspice, and clove.

On the Palate

Much brighter sweetness than what’s on the nose. Candied fruits, butter, and orange syrup explode on the taste buds. – viscous and very rich. Backend flavors are slight banana, coconut, and raw sugar. The finish is medium but stays long enough to enjoy.


Some may think that since the two companies partnered together that the cigar would taste like the rum. However, they are entirely different profiles. Therefore, I would say it’s a great pairing. The two play off each other so well. The sweetness and baking spices fit perfectly into what the cigar was missing….and vice versa with cigar’s spice.

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