CrownHead’s Mil Dias

I have a thing for old matchboxes. Over time, the smell deepens, the color fades, and yet, the matches spark up almost just as fast as any torch. Quality doesn’t flee with time but grows, and one can say the same for @thecrownedheads Mil Dias cigar. Its name meaning 1000 days, the blend for this cigar started to take shape back in 2017 and took about that long to complete. The #MilDias is made of a stand-out blend of Nicaraguan, Peruvian, Costa Rican filler, a Nicaraguan binder, and an Ecuadorian wrapper. With that makeup, it most definitely is worth the wait.

Initial Light and First 3rd

The pecan colored outer leaf is unassuming, but something about the blazing red old English ‘M’ on the ivory band stands out boldly while still being very minimalistic. Without too much to tell from the neutral tobacco scent before lighting, I grew more eager to fire her up. Once lit, a fantastic aroma of cedar and white pepper fills my nose. It’s like the gold standard of how a medium cigar should smell. Slow to come on, but after an inch or so, flavors of cedar, a little hay, and a mild roasted coffee are introduced. It stays the course til about the last half inch before going into the next 3rd, where I began to detect more of that mild pepper present in the aroma earlier.

Second 3rd

Jesus, the transition is an attention grabber! The pepper darkens to black pepper, and the coffee deepens. There’s a lot more body in this portion. There’s a significant volume of smoke and a perfect burn well into the halfway mark. Yet, it retains its creaminess and smooth profile. It’s surprising because the cigar has a full body now. There are undertones of chocolate that give the cigar an even smoother tone. It plays against the pepper excellently.

Final 3rd

The cigar is immaculate in its construction. It’s buttery chocolate and has loads of flavor in its later stages. It’s most certainly full-bodied and now full strength. There’s a char that comes in that’s close to very dark roasted coffee near the end of the cigar. Every section of this cigar adds a darker layer than the one before. The depth of the cigar allows this to pair with everything from coffee to 100+ proof bourbon.

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