Contradiction by Smooth Ambler

Some of the most compelling works of art are also often the most conflicting ones. As if you could place a Gerhard Richter painting in a bottle, @smoothambler #Contradiction is an array of colors, textures, and expressions. The marketing team hit the nail on the head with their naming here. #Contradiction is made of a blended bourbon that contains a four-grain blend of corn, rye, wheat, and malted barley. The interesting thing is just how they balanced them to get the end result. Three-fourth of this concoction is a 9 yr old high rye mash bill bourbon and the remaining 4th is a 2yr wheated bourbon.


Gives you a very warm molasses scent that’s rich and deep. Underneath the thick syrup is cider-like clove and cinnamon (x2). To open it up, I added 1 small ice cube. That levels out the heavy scents and releases a pleasant banana and honey bouquet. It’s like a beam of sunlight peeking through a cluster of clouds. The sweetness is still there just in a slightly brighter delivery.

Smooth Ambler Contradiction


Even with a small cube completely dissolved, there’s a ton of spice. It’s an eye-opening cinnamon and chili pepper kick that is covertly tucked behind the rich molasses sweet notes.  It all combines and settles in the middle of the tongue with a long-lasting finish….a good 15+ seconds. There is also a slight woody oak flavor in the last seconds of the finish. The oak barrel and spice in the finish compliments a cigar very well. After it sits for a bit the flavor softens to a buttery ginger-honey.


Initially I was overwhelmed by the upfront heat and the viscosity of it. Maybe it’s the cold weather, but I quickly became comfortable with the notes and found it fitting of January temperatures. Too forward for my go-to Old Fashioned, but would be fantastic in a smoked Manhattan or Revolver.

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