Burn By Rocky Patel Lounge


Exterior/Interior Aesthetics

 Tucked in amongst top culinary restaurants and in the shadow of the newly constructed Atlanta Braves stadium, is the ultra-stylish Burn Lounge by Rocky Patel. Knowing the man behind this place, there’s no surprise that this lounge has everything that a cigar lounge should have. From the exterior, you have two patios, one on the side of the lounge that is open-air, and another that is enclosed and runs the length of the front that can be open when the weather is suitable. Stepping through the foyer, you walk into a dynamic wonderland that is if Alice loved natural tobacco and fine spirits. From the swinging day loveseats to the falling umbrella lighting and floral print walls, this place is dripping with artistic style.

Humidor and Cigar Selection

 All I can say is that experts curated this humidor. Some may think that because this is Rocky’s joint, you’re going to find nothing but Decades, Hamlets, or Edge cigars. However, this is probably one of the most diverse lounge humidors I’ve come across in a while. It has top name brands, boutique sticks, and hard to find small batches and sizes. And unlike most of the dine-in bar and lounges, Burn also has various cigar tools (torches, cutters, and tabletop humidors) available for purchase. They thought of everything. I also would be remiss if I did not speak to the superb tobacconists that they employ. This is not a gig to them. This is WHAT THEY DO. They live it, so it translates when helping others select the perfect cigar for the evening.

Burn by Rocky Patel Lounge 1


Again, Rocky’s fingerprints are all over this, and it’s evident in the ventilation system as well. The air system is top-notch, just the same as everything else here. First, due to the flow, the space, and height of the ceilings, the smoke disperses quite well on its own. Add in an almost silent clean air replacement system, and you have an environment that anyone would feel comfortable in…even nonsmokers. On a beautiful spring day, when they have the patios open and the large 16ft doors agape, you can be there for hours and leave not smelling like an ashtray.

Personnel/Wait Staff

 On most visits, I’ve been perched at the bar where I know can easily interact with the bartender, look over the crowd, and get that refill before my glass is even empty, so I definitely can speak to how good the folks behind the bar are. I notice that same level of service throughout. The hostess greets you as you walk in, asks where you would like to sit, escorts you there and makes sure you’re comfortable before leaving you to your server. The wait staff is prompt and timing when checking on you and your meal. You combine this with the gatekeepers in the humidor, and you have a great smoking experience.


 I will commend Rocky on three things with Burn: 1) what a genius to place yourself in Atlanta’s newest sports area. It’s high traffic, and you’re surrounded by top-notch restaurants full of folks that would love a nice cigar after a good meal. And when in season, the Braves will have you at full capacity. 2). What an incredible vibe Burn has. Whether I’m working remote on a weekday afternoon or having drinks with the fellas on the weekend. I never feel “out of pocket” there. It serves the city and the suburbs. And finally, 3). Keep the experts and staff that you have there. The guys are the bar make incredible drinks, the kitchen is putting out great eats, and the humidor guys can talk you through every stick in there. With the unfortunate decline of some of Atlanta’s well-known lounges, consistency is what will determine whether a location is just riding the trend or will be around to serve the area’s cigar enthusiasts for years to come.

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