Boomsma Gin

Every region has their own iteration of the Gin spirit. We all have consumed Gin from London, Spain, or the US. But few may have tried Gin from Holland. This particular style of gin is a marriage between malted grain AND neutral spirits. Boomsma’s Oude (meaning Old) version has been aged over a year in oak barrels which gives it this distinguishing flax yellow color.


It is very delicate on the nose. Its presence skims across your nasal passage leaving a light trail of white grape (similar to white wine), grapefruit, and light white pepper. This combination fits so well together that it’s hard to pick out these notes as separate components. The ethanol is quick to fade so it isn’t strong but it smells like sea salt or the salty scent of tequila, just not as sharp


Normally a gin has a definitive flavor profile; whether that be very botanical (floral or herbal), citrus, or peppery. With this one, I can not clearly place it in any of these categories. While being very clean on the tongue, it is also very oily or buttery having a nice mouthfeel. There’s elegant sweet vanilla early into the taste and then some of that pepper on the back half of the finish. Other than that, this may be one of the most balanced gins I’ve ever had.


Being that the gin is so clean, this would be a great sipper to cleanse the palate after dinner or better yet a premium base for gin cocktails if you want to take it up a notch. It’s a gin that delivers ghostly clean flavors and in a cocktail allows all of the ingredients to come out and be noticed.

Bars and Cigars - Spirit Review - Boomsma Gin
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