ASHTON VSG (Virgin Sun Grown)

@ashtoncigar is simply a staple in the Premium cigar game. And this is why their VSG cigar has been around since 1999 and STILL garners high rating year after year from top cigar magazines and reviewers alike (rated a 92 by @cigaraficionado and 94 by @cigar_international). Some classics just never go out of style. Made of some of the finest Dominican long-leaf fillers/binder and Ecuadorian Samatra wrapper, the VSG is a masterpiece of a cigar.

Initial Light and First 3rd

Just as distinguished as the brand’s name, the outer wrapper is visibly high quality with a deep, lush, marbled chocolate color. It has prominent veins that give the cigar quite a bit of texture. Because of the figurado, I took a deeper straight cut to open the ventilation from what I got from an early dry pull. The VSG begins with sweet cedar, chocolate, and a lasting earthy finish. It’s rich but with a medium body to start. Before getting to the second 3rd, you have a battle of sweetness that’s dying down and earth that’s picking up.

Bars and Cigars - Cigar Review - Ashton VSG

Second 3rd

Incredible priming leaves must have been selected for this cigar because it stays lit after several minutes of being left alone. As mentioned, the dark sweet notes subside, but the wood is still there. It blends with the earth and is the primary flavor throughout this portion. The burn is great with little to no touch-ups. The ash is bone white, indicative of its high-quality tobaccos. Smoke output is light but somehow still gives a ton of flavor and great aroma.

Final 3rd

The mouthfeel of the smoke stands out here. It has weight but is again smooth. Throughout my smoking experience, the body overall deepens. As far as flavor, the earth wins the battle and is now joined by heavy tobacco notes. The retro is quite comfortable, giving spice and floral. The cigar finishes with minerals or soil-like earth. Ultimately, it’s a premium smoke with solid, hearty flavors and a full body that is well balanced.


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