Aganorsa Supreme Leaf

I think by now, we all have at least one favorite cigar that uses the famous @aganorsaleaf tobacco leaf. The quality is unquestionable, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept the really good stuff for themselves. Or should I say the Supreme stuff? The #SupremeLeaf cigar released in 2020 (yeah, probably one of the only good things from last year) is a Nicaraguan puro with a beautiful Corojo ’99 wrapper. Let’s see if this Supreme Leaf reigns over the competition.  

Initial Light and first 3rd

Not modest in appearance, to say the least. The cigar is adorned with modern, bright colors on the band of orange, pastel yellow, and deep purple. In the center of this generously sized band is the logo and ‘Supreme Leaf’ tag. The cigar itself is a box-pressed shape with a rough, frayed foot and triple capped head. It has an excellent prelight draw. However, when you’re lighting it, those frayed leaf ends are quick to fire up and fly around….make sure your drink isn’t around. Huge plumes of creamy smoke give aromas of white pepper, black coffee, nutmeg, black pepper, and a slight woodiness. I’ll also include a light graham cracker crust note that adds a dry sweetness to it.

Bars and Cigars - Cigar Review - Aganorsa Supreme Leaf

Second 3rd

It took some time to get here due to the cigar being quite a slow burner. However, as it transitions, the spice from the pepper intensifies. The interesting part is how it now has a dark sweet (raisin or prune) note to counteract the spicier flavors. I can’t compliment enough on how smooth of a smoke this is for a full-bodied cigar. The retrohale is, of course, spice but also floral notes. The smoking experience goes well except for a few relights.

Final 3rd

Well over an hour into the cigar, and we are still going strong. The flavors have been rich and consistent, something that the toro size has over the smaller robusto size. You have that additional length to allow the flavors to settle in. The last portion’s change is that most of the sweetness dies off and more of the nutmeg, pepper, and coffee are primary. If you like full-bodied cigars with mildly dark notes, this will be a nice smoke for you. An almost 2-hour cigar, the Aganorsa delivers mature richness in a gentle way.

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