Adventura The King’s Gold

@adventuracigars could still be considered new in the cigar world having its first release only about 4 years ago (2017). However, new doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing. #ADV most recent release, The Royal Return of King’s Gold, was in no way made from novice hands. It is an impressive blend of aged (over 5 years) tobaccos which are a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, Mexican Andres binder, and a dynamic mix of  Dominican, Nicaraguan, and American filler. Mount your steed and ride along with this King!!!

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Initial Light and first 3rd

Clad in gold armor, @Adventura King’s Gold has a metal-like band that resembles a battle-tested bronze or aged gold shield. Underneath the band is a beautiful textured chestnut brown outer leaf. Well constructed from its firmly packed body to its triple capped head. The aroma from a few pulls are notes of young leather, sweet cinnamon bread, and spice. The initial flavors are walnut, cocoa, and white pepper.  Maybe due to its masculine name, band, or size, I was expecting a very heavy, strong start, but instead, it is an ultra-fine beginning with a wonderfully smooth, creamy, layered smoke.

Second 3rd

A great transition as the ash finally falls from the first portion. The walnut is now woodier (cedar), and the pepper has gone from white to black. The cocoa sticks around in the early stages of this 3rd of the cigar. In addition to this, I’m getting sweet tobacco and butter as I continue to smoke. This cigar is hitting on all cylinders; the nose, the palate, and the burn are perfect. The retro gives increased spice notes with cayenne, black pepper, and wasabi. Halfway through this portion, the cigar gives even more layers by introducing a little mineral, char, and salt.

bars and cigars - cigar reviews - KingsGold2
Great pairing with Four Roses

Final 3rd

Still having an outstanding experience with the King’s Gold. It has incredible flavors, and now this final 3rd gives us an introduction of clove and espresso. It has really good and pronounced transitions. Excellent ventilation throughout that gives volumes of smoke. The cocoa is still in the background and gives it a sweeter finish. This, with the spice on the retro, makes for a complex smoke. Both body and strength seem to be medium.

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